About OctoStudy

We are glad that you are interested in OctoStudy. On this page, you will find out more about us!

We want to be honest with our customers, as we believe it is essential in the overall user experience. Each and every person who visits this website can become acquainted with us as a company.


The History of OctoStudy The Story

Let’s start with the most pressing question: what's up with the name? Why Octostudy? All of the website’s creators grew up near the ocean and were equally interested in marine life. Octopus is an intelligent animal, dear to us. So, the website’s name was easily chosen.

The story of Octostudy began in 2014 when a group of U.S. students enrolled in the university. Even though all of them had different majors, they shared one thing in common – writing essays. To help each other, they would collect academic papers and review them.

Over time, the small collection became a decent database. That’s when the idea to create a website was born. We thought the website with free essay samples would ease the life of so many students.

Our mission

Our Objectives

One thing you’ll surely learn through the studying process is that writing can be exhausting. Especially when it comes to writing a massive amount of different assignments.

The main goal of OctoStudy is to ease your life. We genuinely believe that with the right motivation, one can create a marvelous piece. Our free essays samples can give inspiration to those who struggle with writing.

We aim to help students by providing them with examples of good academic papers. Examining those will help them learn the proper formatting, as well as give some starting ideas for their works.

Let’s write with OctoStudy!