Most Frequently Asked Questions at OctoStudy

This page keeps the answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you need some additional information about us, check out this section. It might have the answer you’re looking for. If not, ask us directly.

How did you obtain all of these essays?

Our database consists of essays submitted voluntarily by students. We reach out to high school and university students who have a good academic record. The OctoStudy team gathers papers from students who are willing to submit their works and help others. Plus, we have a separate page where anyone can share their essays with us.

Are the essays actually free? Will I be secretly charged?

The works published at OctoStudy are completely free. We aim to help students who struggle in any way possible without any academic violations. Therefore, one can use these papers for research purposes only.

Can I use one of the essays and pass it off as mine?

The OctoStudy team does not approve of academic dishonesty. Any action intended to break the rules or cheat with the goal of a better grade is discouraged. Written assignments are an essential part of the studying process. Yet, we acknowledge that some students are better at it than others. The main goal of OctoStudy is to provide struggling students with essays that will help them gain inspiration, understand the subject better, and find a starting point in research. Submitting one of the published essays is strictly prohibited.

Can I request an essay sample on a specific topic?

Our database is quite large and regularly updated. We don’t accept requests. However, if you visit once in a while, you might get lucky and find the needed paper.

Can you publish my essay?

Generally, we reach out to students ourselves. However, there is a page where you can fill out a form to donate your paper. Keep in mind that our team will have to review it. If it fits our requirements, we will publish it.

How can I be sure that these papers are of high quality?

Our team of highly professional editors checks all the papers to make sure they have a minimum of grammatical, stylistic, and factual mistakes. Also, they examine the correctness of the citation style used.

What are the topics of the papers published?

There are thousands of different papers in our database. Every possible study-related topic is covered, from the simplest point of view to the pieces on microbiology.

How should I use the essays your website provides?

Our samples can serve as a source of inspiration or understanding of the chosen topic. Also, one can use the references as a starting point for their research. The essay itself can be referenced in your papers in accordance with the requirements. For that, there is a citation tool at the bottom of each essay sample.

How are your samples beneficial?

Writing papers can be complicated and, therefore, discouraging. You might try to complete the assignment yourself or find someone to do it for you. However, it is quite unlikely that someone will write an essay for free, and finding a professional takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why we came up with an alternative. We provide you with a huge database of free essays. With the help of those, you can get the needed inspiration, learn more information about the topic, gather resources for research, and get acquainted with the specific citation style.

Does your website publish only essays or other papers too?

In the beginning, we published only essays. However, over time we realized that the database was expanding, and we had to adjust. Therefore, at this time, our website contains various types of academic works, such as case studies, reviews, articles, analyses, and others.

Do you publish content in full size or just the preview?

The content published at OctoStudy consists of complete works. We don’t monetize the use of the content; therefore, it is useless to publish it in parts. Plus, we want people to use our content for research purposes, and it doesn’t make sense when the work isn’t fully published.

I have found a great essay on your website and want to read similar ones. In what way can I do that?

To continue researching on our website, you can search through related essays that you can find on each sample’s page. Also, you can review the listings in the category of the paper you search.

What else is on this website?

Recently, we started a blog where we share study-related material. Such content can be helpful to students who want to improve their learning process or find some useful techniques or advice.

I don’t want my essay to be posted anymore. What should I do?

If you donated your content and no longer want it to be posted, you can fill out the content withdrawal request. The content will be removed shortly after reviewing it.