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Influence on People Behaviors by Celebrities

Approach and Purpose

The success of every research study depends on the quality of the selected and analyzed publications. My approach for finding the best sources revolved around the use of reliable online databases. One of them was the chamberlain library for peer reviewed articles. I ensured that the articles were published within the last five years. I considered these key words to gather the best articles: celebrities, role model, ethical behavior, and social media. I decided to identify specific books that had been published within the past few years in the selected field. Such an approach made it possible for me to gather adequate information that would validate my argument that celebrities ought to become positive role models and influence their followers positively.

Supporting Views

Adamson, M., & Kelan, E. K. (2019). ‘Female heroes’: Celebrity executives as postfeminist role models. British Journal of Management, 30(4), 981-996. Web.

The main argument in this journal article is that celebrity businesswomen can act as good role models for young girls planning to achieve unprecedented success in a wide range of areas, such as entrepreneurship and management. The source is credible since is relies on solid case studies and examples to explain how individuals who select their female heroes achieve their goals in life much faster. Such celebrities became the best role models and provide evidence-based approaches for addressing some of the changes and obstacles they might experience. Published two years ago, the work is timely and useful in guiding both boys and girls to identify specific celebrities in their respective careers and formulate new goals based on their achievements (Adamson & Kelan, 2019). A positive intention is essential since it will encourage more young people to be aware of their expectations and issues they might be facing in their lives. In the intended paper, this source will offer strong reasons and arguments for supporting the idea that all celebrities should act ethically since their actions could have significant implications on adolescents’ behaviors.

Gergely, O. (2017). The beautiful stranger – Szekler teenagers’ role models. Acta Universitatis Sapientiae Communicatio, 4, 93–107. Web.

Gergely asserts that famous people influence teenagers’ behaviors, performance in school, and habits in accordance with the social learning theory. The work is credible since it describes the works of different professionals, such as athletes and musicians, and how the influence their followers. The connection with the media is worth noting since it describes the manner in which modern trends are making it possible for young people to copy behaviors and ideas from others. The author applies his knowledge in the field of sociology to explain why there is a need for celebrities to consider the needs of their followers and fans. Young individuals are keen to compare themselves and consider how they can attain the statuses of their favorite celebrities and icons (Gergely, 2017). These arguments are relevant and connected to the ideas outlined in the other selected articles. This information will present new ideas for guiding more famous people to act ethically and promote acceptable behaviors in their respective communities.

Jain, A., Lata, P., Goyal, A. R., Khandelwal, S., & Jain, G. (2015). Socio-cultural impact of film celebrities on teenagers: An empirical Study. International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, 11(3), 308-322. Web.

In this journal article, the authors convince the reader that film celebrities should accept the position of positive role models since they are famous and have many followers. The emergence of television channels and the Internet are forces that are making such professionals more popular than ever before. The source is credible since it presents a case study whereby several participants revealed that the ideas and behaviors obtained from such media outlets dictated they manner in which they pursued their relationship with relatives and parents, their lifestyles, and focus on social and cultural norms (Jain et al., 2015). The findings are useful since they encourage more celebrities to act ethically and promote behaviors that are in accordance with the established moral foundations. This timely work provides acceptable inputs that can make it possible for more people to identify responsible celebrities and formulate their philosophies of life based on what they observe and learn from them. This understanding will support the intended argumentative paper by explaining why celebrities should remain responsible and guide their fans to emulate actions and behaviors that are socially acceptable.

Opposing Views

Hoffman, S. J., Mansoor, Y., Natt, N., Sritharan, L., Belluz, J., Caulfield, T., Freedhoff, Y., Lavis, J. N., & Sharma, A. M. (2017). Celebrities’ impact on health-related knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and status outcomes: Protocol for a systematic review, meta-analysis, and meta-regression analysis. Systematic Reviews, 6(13). Web.

This article indicates that celebrities are influential and capable of pursuing actions and decisions whose impacts on the health outcomes, attitudes, and psychological welfare of young individuals remains uncertain. When underage children become addicted and develop fanatic tendencies, chances are high that they will copy unfamiliar dressing styles and develop personalities that might eventually have harmful impacts (Hoffman et al., 2017). The presented information is credible since the authors have relied on past publications to support their arguments. They also have strong backgrounds in the fields of sociology and health, thereby making their insights informative. The ideas are relevance since they can guide more counselors and guardians to offer the best support and advice to their followers. The points obtained from this work are timely and will form the opposing section of the document and encourage more individuals to appreciate and understand why there is a need to avoid following and replicating the decisions celebrities make. This knowledge will teach such individuals how to pursue their goals more efficiently and diligently.

Juntiwasarakij, S. (2018). Framing emerging behaviors influenced by Internet celebrity. Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences, 39(3), 550-555. Web.

In this article, the reader realizes that celebrities are influential people whose followers should not take for granted and reconsider the major traits and behaviors that could have far-reaching implications on their personalities. The author is a professional who has been following different Internet-based platforms to learn more about the emerging trends and developments. This understanding explains why the author is an expert in the topic. The fact that the work was published in 2018 is a clear indication that the insights are relevant and timely. The author takes a unique approach to present the intended arguments and counter-arguments in an effort to make the ideas relevant. The relevance of such insights explains why they support the targeted ideas for the proposed report. The arguments echo the ones identified in the other two sources providing opposing views. People who examine these opinions will appreciate the fact that celebrities are quite influential and capable of deceiving naïve individuals, thus making it impossible for them to focus on their goals and eventually become less successful members of their respective communities.

Valkenburg, P. M., & Piotrowski, J. T. (2017). Plugged in: How media attract and affect youth. Yale University Press.

The authors of this book indicate that the current proliferation of the media is exposing the youth to new lifestyles that compel them to copy detestable behaviors that are capable of misguiding them. This text is relevant since it examines how modern technologies and social media platforms are forcing young individuals to emulate behaviors that are not in accordance with the established social and cultural values. In terms of credibility, the authors have relied on various academic sources and trends within the past two decades to present their arguments. Written and published in 2017, this book is timely and useful in explaining how adolescents should avoid replicating the lives of their favorite celebrities. The information available in this source is relevant since it will support the final paper by explaining why people should not follow famous, rich, and popular celebrities and make them their role models. This knowledge will form the foundation for the intended work.

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