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Progress and Achievement of Students Strategy

Assessing the progress and achievement of students is an important aspect in learning and has to be taken seriously to ensure that the students are evaluated to measure how best they got educated. An education that is informative a range of aspects. This means that the students will be well equipped with important life skills. At the elementary and high school levels, one shot high-stakes testing is being criticized in light of the inadequate No Child Left Behind policy results. In higher education, accreditation processes are requiring their institutions to give more in-depth and substantive information on student performance and success.

Just the implementation of “multiple measures” does not guarantee better teaching and learning however it can help in directing the process of learning and teaching to offer better skills that are essential for earning a living and being a useful member of the society. In order to assess whether the students have gained these many skills, multiple measures have been suggested to enable the assessment of various skills. Multiple measures in assessment can hence be explained as a number of evaluations that gauge the student’s performance and the school’s progress.

Elements of evaluating the achievements of students can include assessing their grades, student’s portfolio, their progress reports and even analyzing teachers assessments. Under the process of multiple measures, there are several ways through which schools and students get assessed and they include growth measures, attendance register, graduation records and advancement rates. There can also be secondary indicators. They are also important for analysis in the event that primary methods are not well worked out to give accurate results. They include standard test scores and advance placement courses.

This proposal addresses creation of a new assessment system that will help to build on all the relevant elements of learning including theory, practical skills and even the extra-curricular achievements. Evaluating students this way will help measure a lot of skills that are gained through the education. The major purpose of evaluating is to collect data and provide information to advice the processes of teaching and learning. Testing and evaluation can also be diagnostic whereby it can bring up individual information about a student including his/her learning strengths or weaknesses.

This can be very important for teachers (educators) to alter their methods of teaching accordingly so as to meet the needs of the students. It’s been realized that students learn differently and therefore it’s the duty of the teachers to ensure that they can discern the needs of each student and then determine how best they can learn. This in fact should be the greatest precedence for testing students and teaching. In support of the use of multiple measures, it’s important to identify the stakeholders in the education industry who will help facilitating the process of setting up a multiple measures strategy of assessment.

The process of identify the stakeholder will be to find the people are directly connected to the assessment process including teachers and students as well as those who indirectly influence the assessment like the parents and administration. The project will seek to involves the following a stakeholder, teachers, students, members of school committee, administrators and professional development coordinators. The administrators will include the school management teams – The heads of school, principles, school directors and heads of departments as well as board of governors.

The reason of including administrators as stakeholders is that they will play a big role in ensuring that the education curricula include professional development as the main element. They will pursue strategies for acquiring finances to fund the curricula. The administrators will also provide incentives and the set conditions that will inspire teachers and students to take part in the creation of the new assessment system. The administration can offer free use of technology, personal use and classrooms for exploiting academic resources.

The administration will also determine the goals for the teachers regarding education in classroom teaching. They will also be required to take charge of developing strategies that will persuade opposing educators to accept the new assessment system. This expected to eventually win them to this new. The administration will also provide resources for communication like the internet to all the teachers so that they can easily communicate – pass information, make announcement etc.

The administration will spearhead the demonstration of support for multiple skills in the inquiry-driven occupation world. Finally, the administration with be able to recognize the success that teachers make with the new system of assessment and will address any problems that may arise from this. Teachers: teachers are the most vital stakeholders in the whole system of comprehensive assessment plan. This is because they are the ones who will be responsible for developing the strategies for accommodating the new assessment system.

They will also develop means of improving the achievement of the students as they strife to adopt teaching strategies which use new technology to engage students. Teachers can be able to develop a plan for professional development for every student to evaluated acquisition of skills and theory. Teachers will make use of mutual assessment techniques and plan to look at assessment issues to discover important improvement strategies. Teachers will pursue inventive inspirations for using school resources to offer and support occupational development among the students. Teachers will be able to investigate other schools on how they integrate new skills and technology into their curriculum for better results.

Parents and the school committee: this is another important group of stakeholders. They will play a very important role in helping to facilitate the planning whenever called upon by the school as they can offer real world deals. They will also join in the efforts of financing and lobbying for the support of the new assessment system. They can help facilitate the assessment by supporting their children or volunteering time so that the teacher can engage inoccupation development activities.

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