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Sports Consumption in Australia


Sports in Australia are common events where participation and cheering are greatly encouraged by the good financial status and climatic conditions in the area. Many sports activities have taken place in this region including the Olympic Games. Sports are taken as an important activity like work and it is used for recreation to relieve stress.

The government is also concerned with the promotion of these sporting activities through the establishment of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to aid in the disbursement of funds and directing of these activities. An institute for sports also exists under the authority of the same arm.

The most popular games and which attract large crowds include rugby, football, cricket, swimming, and tennis. Cricket is the most popular game above the rest and since its inception in 2010, Australia has ever since becoming the winner in the world championship. Indoor cricket is also greatly encouraged in Australia (Vampplew & Stoddat, 2008). Sports in Australia are greatly valued and there are agencies in all states to establish and implement sports policies (Summers, Morgan & Kanoyangwa, n. d., p. 3). As such a lot of time and money is used to market and promote these recreational activities.

Literature review

In West Australia, in the sports club, there is a lot of beer that is consumed by the spectators, tutors, and players. Irresponsible drinking is practiced by a majority of funs. The alcohol adverts that are given through the television and radio channels showing these activities contribute to a large number of youths taking alcohol and those that have already been taking increase the amount they consume. It is a common thing for the team that wins to celebrate through taking alcohol.

Alcohol has been associated with sports in the country and not only alcohol but also other drugs that are largely consumed during sports. To advertise these sports, a lot of money is paid to the channels by the government. There are also a lot of funds that are required to buy the equipment required for every game and in the preparation of the pitch. Time is also consumed more so by the youths in watching and following up the news through the radios, televisions, and the internet (Nicholson, 2009).

In Australia, sports have become a form of business whereby the participants are trained to be professional in various fields and are paid for their participation (Morgan, 2004). Technology is also greatly used in the reporting and spreading of information concerning sports; such include radio channels, television, and the internet.

All that is associated with sports have been commercialized ranging from sports equipment, drinks, and food. Time is also consumed as the fans spend their time following up the proceeding either from the internet or television. Many people also commute to the places where sports are held meaning that money is also required to meet the fare.

Apart from this commuting fee, the infrastructure is also renovated to improve accessibility. Sports news has to be published in various magazines, newspapers, and in journals meaning that cash is required. This consumption continues to grow large every day especially with the advancement in technology (Westerbeek, 2005).

Participants in sports and especially the athletes are exposed to high chances of being injured. This calls for medical attention in which medicine and equipment for first aid will be required (Australia Sports medicine Australia 2006). Qualified personnel to administer these first aid services is also required and therefore, resources and money is consumed. To counter such injuries, protective clothing and shoes have to be considered furthering the need for more money to meet these needs (Warburton, 2001).

In Australia, the number of people who can access news on sports through media such as the internet, television, radio, and in printed media such as newspapers is large. Sports are held with passion in this country, mostly the young. This makes it possible for millions of shillings to be used in the publication of the sports news update. All the activities that are associated with sporting activities are very expensive leading to a lot of money used by the entire participants for satisfaction, recreation, or consolation (Sports, n.d).


From the research carried out, the following are the findings; a lot of alcohol and other forms of drugs are used in larger quantities during sports time. Those who are already in the habit of drinking are compelled to add the amount consumed while those who have not been using it are introduced. This is so with the participants and the spectators.

Among the greatly influenced by alcoholism are the youths. Sports have been turned from a recreational activity into a business whereby payment is given to the players and the coaches. The equipment used in sports is sold at a very high price and this is expected to rise even higher in the future. Time is also another variable that is highly consumed besides money. A lot of time is used in following up the news on sports through the various forms of media.

Advancement in technology continues to be embraced to ensure that this news reaches fans in the most appropriate time and manner and as such a lot of money is invested in publishing sports updates and this continues to rise with time as new inventions are being realized. Medical attention and first aid services offered also contribute to a good percentage of the money used during sports activities.


In conclusion, due to the passion held for sports in Australia, a lot of money and time is invested to ensure its success. The federal government also comes in through the establishment of policies and funding all the expenses that come along with sports and this has greatly encouraged the natives to participate in different forms of sports. It is, therefore, an advantage to invest lots of cash and time to succeed in sports. Dedication is also vital and when all this is integrated, then the activities attract many people hence ensuring a good income.

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