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The Creation of Utopia

The majority of people imagine the model of Utopia as almost similar. An ideal state should provide the benefits of citizens’ lives: decent wages, confidence in the future, housing, the ability to influence life in the country, participation in elections to government bodies. I also want to include all these features in my overview of how Utopia with a central theme of freedom should look.

The ideal state of Utopia would be a closed country located separately from other states. People are accepted to Utopia based on income and psychological and professional tests. Tests will be required in Utopia to choose citizens who will be smart, mere, and aim to develop social welfare. In Utopia, a person should not reduce the existence to the satisfaction of personal needs because this leads to degradation. Nevertheless, the state cannot allow absolute equality because, in any society, there are always a lot of those who do not have a sufficient level of intelligence. However, the balance is achieved due to the common goal of creating a high social standard for all due to the redistribution of welfare.

There are no quotas or unemployment benefits, as well as general compulsory education. What a person needs in life, the individual must produce for himself in Utopia. Since the state covers all spheres of society and provides diverse support, it is enough to show diligence and desire to grow and learn. From an early age, children are instilled with a passion for harmonious development. Thanks to this, it will become prestigious to be educated, hardworking, athletic, without bad habits. It will be easier for the child to choose a profession because he or she will try different areas. There will always be those who will demand and those who will produce. It is expected that people will be flexible and work for the creation of social services for all.

Since Utopia is an ideal world, there is no evil in it. But everyone knows that in any society where it is good, there must be evil. In this case, the question arises: “Is it necessary to get rid of evil?”. My answer is “No,” evil can be used to test people in Utopia to observe anonymously if citizens follow the rules and whether they are worth staying in the state.

The state system is a meritocracy; the representatives of power are people of the titular nation; they are elected aged from 18 to 70 with outstanding characteristics. Political representatives are obliged to have an almost ascetic lifestyle, and the state will provide everything necessary. Culture, economy, education, and legislation should be entirely under the control of such authorities. The state will develop in the right direction because no one in the government will have personal interests other than Utopia’s prosperity and well-being of citizens.

Having reached such heights of development in Utopia, people have eradicated global problems like drug addiction, alcoholism, and smoking. It will become prestigious to work, do science, and create benefits for all citizens. Medicine has also achieved outstanding success; previously incurable diseases have been defeated. People can explore new planets, build cities on the bottom of the oceans, and there are still a lot of unknowns ahead of them. This is the state of Utopia I would like to create.

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